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At DrawBox Inc. we really do believe in the power that comes with having a truly talented and committed team. That’s why we take great pride in each and every one of our in-house-masters. Each of our core members come to our table with unique experiences, unique skillsets, and unique perspectives, allowing us to have a truly holistic take on each and every one of the amazing projects we tackle daily.



As the head of DRAWBOX, Mike brings over a decade of experiential marketing, and event design to the team. With a passion for high-end design and proven results in event focused fabrication, Mike is able to bring the best and most innovative results to our clients.

Mike’s understanding in corporate branding, event management, and consumer interaction gives DRAWBOX’S clients a competitive edge to compete and succeed on a global scale.



As a self-proclaimed life enthusiast, Ashley’s impressive resumé and international relations have earned her a spot as VP Client Relations at DRAWBOX. With an entrepreneurial mind, Ashley has a background in education as well as leadership development and has seen and worked on every aspect of the experiential marketing industry. Some examples of her past endeavours include: founding multiple publications, casting (as well as executing) international productions, facilitating leadership and social justice workshops globally, and giving nation wide speaking tours.



Chris comes to DRAWBOX with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in automation, electro-mechanical engineering, hardware installation, and technological skills. Reliable, personable, and professional, he has a love for both technology and design and is able to marry both seamlessly. With experience traveling nationwide he’s versed in the latest and greatest technological advancements, and thrives on providing his expertise to all fabrication projects. 

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